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What is the Crisis Project?

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

The Crisis Project was initially born in August 2019, when I realised I could no longer sit around and do nothing. Scattered across the globe are countries in states of deep disrepair, be it Zimbabwe, Haiti or Yemen. At times, if they are lucky, the rest of the world hears their stories, if they have not yet been suffocated by the media, or twisted by governments. But it is not enough to hear. It is not enough to change social media profiles to a colour, or to retweet a video and carry on with your life. In a world where technology and innovation continues to advance at breakneck speed, people are getting left behind.

After a 9-month hiatus, and the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, I've relaunched the project - now more than ever we must come together to deliver change. But this time I've also launched 'Letters for the NHS', a practical project that aims to tackle the current crisis. Writing a letter takes less than 10 minutes, so please do sign up and volunteer!

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